Since 1987, The Nature Conservancy has been working in Brazil to help build a future in which social and economic development and the conservation of natural ecosystems are one and the same. Together with our partners—the federal government, states and municipalities, the private sector, civil society and Indigenous peoples and local communities—we have achieved tangible results. Read more about our work: 

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Leading business, science and sustainability newspapers and magazines also publish our opinion, studies and updates about our initiatives. Find some examples below:


TNC´s opinion:

·         The World Economic Forum Agenda published a joint analysis from Ian Thompson, TNC Brazil director, and Marina Grossi, from The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), about the role of the finance sector in incentivizing the shift to restorative practices I the Amazon.

·         Veja, the country´s largest magazine, has published an article by Ian Thompson, TNC Brazil director, on the eve of COP 26. 

·         Galileu magazine featured and articled written by TNC´s experts about the importance of indigenous people for forest and biodiversity conservation (April 2021). 

·         Globo Rural magazine explained how financial incentives and underutilized pastures could be the path to sustainable soy expansion in Brazil.  

·         Fortune published an article signed by Jennifer Morris and Erik Fyrwald. They explain why restoring degraded farmland is crucial to feed future generations and protect landscapes.   

TNC´s initiatives: 

·         Valor Economico, Brazil´s economy leading newspaper, highlighted the commitment of private companies in invest in zero-deforestation production – a financial initiative led by TNC

·         The new partnership between TNC, Olam and Mondelez to increase cocoa forest project was one of the Valor Econômico highlights. 

·         The partnership with Amazon Inc. to scale reforestation in the Amazon Forest was given first hand by Valor Econômico in September 2021 

·         TNC and John Deere partnership to restoration and sustainable agribusiness at Araguaia made the news last November. Valor Econômico newspaper approached how the project aims to regenerate agricultural and increase the production.   

·         Um Só Planeta explained how the Conservador da Mantiqueira project brought public, private and third sectors together in joining efforts for Mantiqueira’ restoration. 

·         Valor Econômico addressed how Coalizão Cidades pelas Águas was helping to increase water supply at hydrographic basins using nature based solutions.  

TNC´s studies:

·         Exame, Brazil´s leading business magazine, featured the results of a TNC-led study on ESG priorities according to agribusiness companies 

·         Miriam Leitão published in her column at O Globo newspaper TNC’ bioeconomy study with economic and environmental potential gains of bioeconomy chain at Pará (October 2021).

·         TNC study shows it is possible to expand the soy area in the Cerrado of Brazil for more than 10 years without deforestation and G1 explored it on March 2020.  

·         The guidelines for financing soybeans plantation in Cerrado, prepared by TNC were explained by Valor Econômico in October 2020. These orientations served as a guide for Reverte project with Syngenta. 

To amplify the conservation agenda TNC partners with the most important magazines and newspapers. Learn more about TNC vision through:  

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